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Report prepared by CTS Game Studies (download the pdf here, in Portuguese) about the  GDC 2011 in San Francisco, EUA. One of the most important conferences for the gaming industry, the Game Developers Conference is anually held at the Moscone Convention Center. At the 2011, CTS Game Studies focused on the themes of educational gaming and serious games.

IGDA Rio de Janeiro head and CTS Game Studies' coordinator Arthur Protasio writes about the current perception of games in the South American country, talking about cultural and economic challenges that keep games from being recognized as a vital medium in this developing economy.

During the year 2010, CTS Game Studies realized, supported by the Open Business Latin America project, fourteen interviews with national and international gaming industry professionals. The goal was to identify key-points and perceptions about the brazilian gaming market as it is nowadays. It is an initial investigation which raises the fundamental questions that must be answered in future researches for the better understanding of obstacles and opportunities in the brazilian electronic gaming panorama.

Newspaper article commenting on the gradual process of acceptance of games as a new media.

Academic article written by Arthur Protasio, presented and published at the VIII Brazilian Symposium for Digital Games and Entertainment at PUC-Rio. The article presents foundations for the comprehension of electronic games as cultural and artistic works. Therefore, needing to be protected by freedom speech and rated according to age, thus avoiding judicial prohibitions as an unnecessary measure.

The original pdf features an abstract in english and a google translated version is available here.

Article written by Ronaldo Lemos and Pedro Mizukami published in the newspaper Folha de São Paulo. It discusses how maintaining games in the peripheries of “serious” art might lead to na irrational treatment that results in faulty judicial decisions.

Google translated version in english available here.

Article written by Arthur Protasio during the Game Developers Conference in march of 2010 at San Francisco, in the United States of America. Completed for the Open Business project, the report analyses new business models employed by the game industry, such as the Freemium model, as well as different solutions and alternatives to other areas that also explore intelectual property.

On the 18th of november of 2010, the Ministry of Justice opened an online public debate to discuss the laws and criteria of the brazilian content rating system, applied to public spectacles, television and radio programs, electronic and role playing games. CTS Game Studies prepared a document contributing to the debate and proposing:

  1. The removal of RPGs from the content rating system;
  2. Regaring electronic games, the creation of mechanisms to automatically convert the ratings to the brazilian system with the objective of avoiding unjustified legal obstructions when offering the games to the consumer.

On April 7th 2011, Wellington Menezes de Oliveira shot and killed 12 children at the Tasso da Silveira Public School. The press has presented, as one of the definitive influences for the attack, electronic gaming. CTS Game Studies has produced an open letter (download the pdf version here) to the public to respond to these false statements concerning electronic games.

Article written by James Portnow in partnership with CTS Game Studies published at the Gamastura website. The article analyses the brazilian game industry and its perspectives.

Artigo written in two parts by James Portnow in partnership with CTS Game Studies published at the GameCulture website. The article analyses the culture of games in Brazil.

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