Business Law in English Certificate

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Business Law in English Certificate


This Course aims to empower lawyers and legal professionals with the capacity to effectively communicate in English and adeptly address practical matters within the realm of Business Law. These objectives are meticulously tailored to offer students the chance to refine their language proficiencies within a legal framework. This encompasses expanding their vocabulary, mastering idiomatic expressions, delving into legal terminology, and mastering grammatical structures pertinent to contracts, petitions, agreements, and various legal documents. In addition, you'll have a well-rounded understanding of business and corporate law, bolstered by in-depth insights into either Securities Law or Energy Law, depending on your chosen track. This unique format ensures that you not only improve your English, but also develop expertise in an area that aligns with your career goals.

Course Structure:

This program follows a structured approach that empowers you to build a strong legal understanding before delving into specialized areas.


Module 1: Business Law

In this introductory module, you'll gain insights into fundamental principles of business and corporate law. You'll explore legal systems, sources of law, and the intricate workings of legal institutions. This module lays the groundwork for a comprehensive understanding of the legal landscape. This will include a study of the concept of a separate legal entity, company formation, structure, financing, and corporate governance. The course also covers strategies for the resolution of disputes that may arise in the aftermath of deal making, such as Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in international business. The course will be taught by specialized international and national guest lecturers. 


Module 2: Specialization Tracks:

Following the foundational module, you have the opportunity to choose from two distinct areas of concentration, allowing you to tailor your learning experience to your career aspirations and interests.


  • Securities Law Concentration

Delve into the complex world of securities law. This track offers in-depth exploration of regulatory frameworks in securities markets, concepts of materiality, securities offerings, and disclosures. You'll also unravel the intricate dynamics of insider trading and market manipulation. By choosing this track, you'll gain specialized insights into the legal intricacies surrounding financial instruments and transactions. 


  • Energy Law Concentration

Immerse yourself in the fascinating realm of energy law. This track focuses on the regulatory aspects of the energy industry, exploration and production agreements, and considerations related to environmental sustainability. Gain a deeper understanding of legal frameworks governing the energy sector and equip yourself to navigate the legal challenges within this dynamic field.


Closing Session: Networking event

Conducted in-person at the headquarters of FGV Direito Rio, the course's closing session serves as an opportunity for participants to network, enhance their English skills, and strengthen the connections they have fostered during the program.

Eligibility - Is this course for you?

Aspiring Lawyers 

Law students or individuals considering a legal career who want to gain a strong foundational understanding of business and corporate law, while also exploring the intricacies of securities law or energy law. 

Legal Professionals 

Practicing lawyers seeking to broaden their legal knowledge and enhance their expertise by delving into specific aspects of securities law or energy law. 

Business Executives 

Professionals in the corporate sector who want to acquire a comprehensive understanding of legal frameworks that govern business operations. Those interested in securities regulations or energy industry dynamics can deepen their knowledge in those respective tracks. 

Government Officials and Regulators 

Professionals involved in regulatory bodies or government agencies seeking to understand the legal intricacies of business operations, securities markets, and the energy industry.

Requirement: intermediate level of proficiency in English.



  • Augusto Coutinho
  • Bernardo Peterli
  • Carla Caroli
  • Cristiane Dias Carneiro
  • Gabriela Borges
  • Lucas Caminha
  • Marina Bevilacqua de La Touloubre
  • Michael Wheatley
  • Peter C. Cohen

Registration is carried out through the application link by sending the form and paying the amount .

Completing the application form is the sole responsibility of the candidate.

Paid in six installments of BRL 720,00 by credit card.

- The digital certificate will be issued for participants who have a minimum attendance of 75%.

- The coordination of FGV DIREITO RIO reserves the right to cancel the course that does not reach a minimum number of subscriptions.

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