FGV Rio Law Mentorship

The FGV Rio Law Mentorship program aims to strengthen dialogue and guidance between student and professor, researcher, or former student inserted in the labor market, for the joint planning of actions that seek the maximum achievement of the course, personal satisfaction, and expansion of professional career prospects of the student under the mentorship. The building of the guidance relationship favors the exchange of experiences and the joint planning of actions to promote career advancement, increased self-confidence, and personal and professional satisfaction of the student under mentorship. Mentors are seen as trusted advisors, who share insights and knowledge obtained from their own experiences, in the process of personal, academic, and professional development of others at a more recent stage of their academic or professional career.

Cycles of stimulated interaction

Open to students of the 1st term and focusing on connections with peers (students in more advanced semesters of the course). The mentoring carried out by veteran students is a freshman reception practice that has positive effects on the integration of students and will be carried out in partnership with the Academic Center.

Open to students of the 2nd term and starting with stimulated dialogue and guidance with the program coordinator, followed by guidance from a mentor. During the 2nd term, students make important choices, such as research initiation, monitoring, research internships at the School's centers, monitored vacation activities, involvement in student collectives, participation in academic competitions such as moot courts, in addition to many other more specific issues that interest students at this moment of academic opening.

Open to students from the 5th term, and, like the previous cycle, having the initial stage of stimulated dialogue and guidance with the program coordinator, followed by a guidance from a mentor. At this stage of mentoring, the focus is divided between the academic experience at FGV and the relationship with the academic and professional world abroad. During this period, students get prepared to make internship choices starting in the following semester, make choices related to double degree, exchange program, raise questions about the choices of elective disciplines and their respective academic tracks, and more specific choices of extracurricular activities in or outside the School.

Aimed at students of the 9th term and focusing on events about the most diverse legal careers, and meetings with the program coordinator for students with questions about internships, careers, or other relevant issues.


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