Current Issues on Administrative Law with Harvard Law Professor Matthew Stephenson

In March, FGV Rio Law offered the short course “Current Issues on Administrative Law”, co-taught by FGV Rio Law Professors, Eduardo Jordão and Natasha Salinas, and Guest Professor Matthew Stephenson from Harvard Law School. 

This innovative course aimed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the latest developments and challenges within the realm of Administrative Law, with the contribution and expertise of distinguished Harvard Law School professor and recurring FGV Rio Law visitor Matthew Stephenson.

The course was divided into three sessions:

  • Function and Character of Administrative Agencies;
  • Administrative Rule Making;
  • Judicial Review and the Future of the Chevron Doctrine.

In the first part of the course, the primary objective was to elucidate and unveil the essence and nature of administrative agencies, their functions and character, serving as a foundation and laying the groundwork for the understanding of Administrative Law and its implications in contemporary governance structures.

In Session 2, the course navigated the realm of administrative rulemaking, unraveling its intricate process and far-reaching implications, guiding the participants through a comprehensive exploration, dissecting the mechanisms and procedures that supports the formulation of administrative rules. Furthermore, the Professors gave some thoughts on the complexities in balancing regulatory efficacy with considerations of public interest and stakeholder concerns.

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