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The provision of different instances and levels in the legislation that guides water regulation in Brazil provides great complexity both concerning fulfillment of the policy and obtaining greater knowledge and transparency about how water has been regulated in the country. The project aims to expand this understanding by evaluating and systematizing normative acts issued by the federal regulatory agency, the National Water and Sanitation Agency, the National Water Resources Council and other state councils. Through the evaluation and systematization, the project seeks to promote an analysis of the performance of the main water regulatory bodies in the country. This systematization will enable the identification of possible flaws in the regulatory model, thus, giving rise to the proposal of alternatives to the regulatory strategies that have been adopted, therefore, contributing to alleviating situations of scarcity and stress scenarios in the Brazilian territory.

The Rio Doce Project focuses on assessing the impacts and appraisal of the socioeconomic damage caused by the collapse of the Fundão Dam. These activities result from FGV's role as an expert of the Federal Public Prosecutors' Office (MPF).

Production of legal analyses of the STJ decisions that encompass the topics of business and corporate Law.

The project seeks to understand the legal implications in the payment market sector.

The project aims to present an overview of the operation of the credit card market in Brazil, analyze its legal and economic implications, and propose possible paths for developing this segment of the Brazilian credit market.

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