Student associations

Student associations are related to various themes, such as sports, culture, information, student representation, organizations for the empowerment of vulnerable groups, and more. 

Check out the list of associations and see find out how to participate in each of them.

Centro Acadêmico Mário Machado (CAMM)

Centro Acadêmico Mário Machado (Mário Machado Academic Center) (CAMM)

Official student body representative agency of FGV Rio Law, the purposes of which are: (a) to represent, recognize, empower, and carry forward the interests of it members; (b) to improve the conditions of legal education and the cultural and political development of Law students; and (c) to promote the integration of members through the holding of academic, cultural, and sporting events. 

Mascote atlética

Varsity of FGV Rio Law

Non-profit civil association responsible for disseminating sports practices in the institution. 



Logo amplia

Amplia FGV

Social pre-entrance exam course whose main purpose is to assist low-income students in preparing for the entrance exam in Law of Fundação Getulio Vargas. 



BRICS Observer

Student organization focused on the study of the BRICS countries and committed to the integration of young people into the international scene of political, legal, and socioeconomic discussions, by hosting events, writing articles, and sharing knowledge related to the group. 


Coletivo Ovelha Negra

Black Sheep Collective

Student collective that proposes dialogue on the challenges faced by Black students in the institution and society. It is also a space for creating and proposing joint solutions to address these issues. 


Logo  Coletivo LGBT+ Existo

LGBT+ Existo! Collective

Collective founded with the purpose of creating a welcoming environment for LGBTs at Fundação Getulio Vargas, and promoting actions and events related to issues specific to the LGBT+ community. 




Decoding the Law (DECOD)

Non-profit organization whose mission is to democratize the Law with a journalistic and audiovisual language in the most simplified way possible. 

logo fgv+


FGV entity whose main purpose is to provide social advice, connecting the knowledge built at the school with practice, thus, providing a new perspective on the problems affecting NGOs, micro-entrepreneurs, communities from Rio de Janeiro, and other bodies and people whose purposes are to transform the reality that surrounds them. 



logo fgv jr


Consulting firm founded by autonomous and non-partisan graduates from Fundação Getulio Vargas in Rio de Janeiro. The organization serves micro, small, and medium-sized businesses, with the execution of projects related to management and financial consulting as its core activity. 




Public Policies Innovation Lab formed by FGV students. 

Liga Acadêmica de Direito Ambiental

Academic League of Environmental Law

logo FGValley

FGValley Entrepreneurship League

Entrepreneurship center formed by undergraduates from Fundação Getulio Vargas in Rio de Janeiro whose mission is to promote entrepreneurship, creating a collaborative and innovative environment. 

Liga de Ciências Criminais

Criminal Sciences League

Academic League of Criminal Sciences of Fundação Getulio Vargas. 


Liga de Mercado Financeiro

Financial Market League

LMF FGV-RJ | Bringing you closer to the Financial Market. 


Liga de M&A

M&A League

League of Research and Studies in M&A of FGV-RJ. 


Núcleo de Mediação e Negociação

Mediation and Negotiation Center

The Mediation and Negotiation Center of FGV is comprised of undergraduate students from FGV Rio de Janeiro Law School. Its purposes are the training of members in mediation and negotiation techniques for national and international competitions, and the dissemination of content on the subject. 

logo OIJ

Observatório Internacional da Juventude (International Juvenile Observatory – OIJ)

Youth leadership organization linked to the Justice and Society Center of FGV RIO DE JANEIRO LAW SCHOOL. Created to protect and promote the rights of juveniles, acting strategically to ensure human rights, the promotion of equality, and development through empowerment, public diplomacy, and international cooperation. 

O Veterano

O Veterano

Journal of undergraduate students of FGV. 

logo revista ágora

Revista Ágora

Student magazine created by FGV RIO DE JANEIRO LAW SCHOOL whose mission is to create a productive space for new thinkers and new ideas. The magazine seeks to provide a space for imagination and discussion of the arts, politics, Law, and society. Website: 




FGV Debate Society (SDGV)

FGV-RJ entity that seeks to reflect on relevant topics, always with quality dialogue, plural reasoning, and respect for dissent. 


Logo união de mulheres FGV

FGV Women's Union

Created with the purpose of representing all women who study and work at FGV, it promotes discussions and exchange of experiences. 


The statements provided by staff members of Fundação Getulio Vargas, which inform their identification as such, in articles and interviews published in the media in general, exclusively represent the opinions of their authors and not necessarily the institutional position of FGV. FGV Regulation No. 19/2018.

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