Transparency of Independent "Watchdogs": deliberation, agendas, and negotiations

  • 29 de Maio, 2018
    30 de Maio, 2018

Transparency of Independent "Watchdogs": deliberation, agendas, and negotiations

16h15 até 18h00

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This event is closed to the public

Day 1 – May 29th

14:30-16h - Keynote Speech: David Pozen, “Transparency’s Ideological Drift” 

Panel 1: Transparency and Secrecy: the core debate


Chair: Diego Werneck Arguelhes, FGV

Speaker: David Pozen, Columbia University

Speaker: Greg Michener, FGV

Speaker: Vigjilenca Abazi, University of Maastricht / NYU

Day 2 - May 30th

Panel 2: Corruption, transparency, and watchdog institutions: An internal administrative perspective


Chair: Greg Michener, FGV

Speaker: Caio Rodriguez, Senior Fellow, INSPER

Speaker: Francisco Caldas de Andrade, InterAmerican Development Bank

Speaker: Otavio Neves, Ministry of Transparency – Brazil, Director of Transparency and Control

Panel 3: Transparency and independent watchdog: politicising anti-corruption? 


Chair: Carlos Pereira, FGV

Speaker: Pedro Abramovay, Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean and Director of the Latin America Program, Open Society Foundation

Speaker: Fábio Kerche, Fundação Casa de Rui Barbosa

Speaker: Vigjilenca Abazi, NYU / University of Maastricht

Panel 4: Opening Courts: judicial independence, expertise and public opinion


Chair: Ivar Hartmann, FGV

Speaker: Patrícia Perrone, UNICEUB/Supremo Tribunal Federal

Speaker: Monaliza da Silva, NYU

Speaker: Diego Werneck Arguelhes, FGV

Closing remarks: Frontiers of transparency reforms: perspectives for the future


Diego Werneck Arguelhes, FGV

Vigjilenca Abazi, Maastricht University / NYU


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