International Courts and Tribunals


International Courts and Tribunals


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The Interest Group on International Courts and Tribunals, established under the auspices of the Latin American Society of International Law (LASIL), will foster general theoretical and practical discussions regarding the legal aspects of international courts and tribunals among scholars and practitioners, focusing on the functions, legitimacy, and case law of international courts and tribunals. It also deals with their role in the development of international law and the necessary dialogue and cooperation between different courts and tribunals, as well as with national courts.

Secondly, another relevant topic of the Interest Group concerns Latin American participation and contribution to international courts and tribunals. The activities of the Group intend to cover the Latin American cases submitted before the International Court of Justice, the Arbitration Tribunals, the WTO Dispute Settlement Mechanism, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, the Court of Justice of the Andean Community, the Central American Court of Justice, and the Mercosur Dispute Settlement System. The goal is to evaluate the Latin American contribution to the development of international law through the peaceful settlement of international disputes.

The objectives of the Interest Group will be pursued by a network of scholars and practicing lawyers who share information and reflections on these topics. In particular, the group will stimulate academic debate through the organization of conferences, meetings, and the setting up of research projects and joint publications.